Beasts of No Nation : Analyse


Agu is a little boy who conduct his life with his family in the village where located somewhere in Africa. Neighbour villages are under attack by rebellions . However, their village are protected by Nigerian soldiers and all of a sudden the rebels spread and attack to Agu’s village as well. The Nigerian soldiers request to the all members of the village for move to Capital. During this hurly-burly Agu’s father and brother murdered by bullet which triggered from rebels guns. Therefore, Agu flee to the forest and his all life begins to alter and corrupt.


The movie include variety of theme related with what war brings to the individuals, society, children and land. First of all, very beginning scene of the film depict a very happy and cheerful atmosphere. The child protagonist Agu and his friends watches a soccer game from television in wide open field and camera show that soccer game from that television which has no screen. Agu and his friends quite brilliant and talanted. Thus, they try to sell that broken and useless television to the member of the village with their smart marketing way and they get a food from Nigerian soldier in return for Imagination TV. This illustrated specific scene is a excellent instance for well structured society because even the worst conditions such as poor finance and bad life standards have not shown a negative impact on the village and people except war. So, the interpret mean here is, war is provide the terrible consequences. Another instances for war against messages are painted walls in the film. The picture on the wall illustrate the group of people who shake hand and sentence which writen on the wall is ‘’Fight No More’’ visible and obvious at illustrated picture.

Secondary basic understanding of the film theme is child abuse in a harmful and devastative way which destroy their present and future time. Leader of the freedom fighters who known as Commandant describe and perceive the children as harmful as adult individuals. The statement of Commandant is, ‘’a boy have two eyes to see’’ and ‘’a boy have two hand to strangle and fingers to pull trigger then why you are saying a boy is nothing? A boy is very very dangerious’’. Through this statement Commandant normalize and legalize the childrens are a warrior and killer. Thus, Commandant trains and treats the childrens how to use a gun and kill a man like an adult individual. The instance for that situation is, Freedom fighters had set up ambush for kill their foes. The ambush was successful which cause plenty of violence and death. When place became calm down, one of the soldier had found a foe who is stil alive. Then Commandant summon the Agu to take his first kill. Commandant make Agu couraged with his authority and statements. Firstly, Agu hesitate to hit his machete to prisoner. However, in the end Agu release his machete with powerful momentum to the prisoner’s head. The focus point of that depicted scene is extreme violence usage with machete. If the Commandant provide a gun for Agu to kill that man, understanding of the violence could be less than exact one because pulling the trigger seemingly more easy than hit the machete. Consequences of that violence build a new characteristic for Agu and he starts to kill another people like worthless commodity.

Furhermore, drug addiction between freedom fighters is so common. In a short time Agu starts to smoke and use another sort of drugs as well. One of the scene Agu took a drug and his entire world turn into a pink. All trees, bushes are became pink and they occupy the village, kill the people, vandalise the homes. This scene illustrated in an epic way such as glory and victory. However, Agu forgets that his village and family destroyed in a same way. Chosen pink color portrays the dream world like Alice in Wonderland. Also pink color represent that Agu under control of the drug. Color pink has cary variety of meaning. ‘’Pink represents friendship, affection, harmony, inner peace and approachability’’. Moreover, ‘’pink is the official color for little girls and represents sugar and spice and everything nice’’. Additionaly, pink is the sweet side of the color red’’. That specific scene could connected with the blood which pooring from innocent people

Last but not least, sexual assault to the children and women. Some of the scenes include that issue. As an instance, the Commandant takes a drug and at that moment Agu was in the Commandant’s room. When Commandant lay down to the bed, calls the Agu near by him and scene finishes at that point. A time later ‘’Strike’’ shown while awaits in front of the Commandant’s house. . Then Agu shown at the door in a horrible and exahusted way. This scene interpret as Agu sexually abused by Commandant. As a paradigm the director of the movie who is Cary Joji Fukunaga prefer to not show that scene and gives a gap to complete that missing part with our understanding . Another important thing is, long take scene which freedom fighters occupy the village. During the occupy Agu, Strike and other childrens found a adult women who has a little child with her. Thus, adult soldiers wants to rape her and this scene has shown in a half open way until Agu put the bullet into women’s head. All those demonic triangle which considered as violence, drug and sexual activities are cause a devestative consequences in a physical and mental way.


As a result, movie had used a lot of different way to express same situations. Thus, preference of the Director Cary Joji Fukunaga create a varied wicked perspectives and approaches to signify that war is undeniably cause a harmful damages to the all member of society especially to the childrens.

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